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The world may have no interest in the many theologies that exist, but it certainly understands love.
Therefore, this book, through a logical string of thought, puts forward a case for God being actively in love with His creation.
Through our faculties of reason, we will look at a love that has existed from before time and space, making its way to us on an information highway embedded within us through a sea of emotions culminating in this love called agape.
If we will embrace it, it will show us the way back home to the source of all love, who is Himself love.
We may understand what God is in His supernatural abilities but it is in the who that God is truly worshiped.
This book brings to light who God is in His capacity to love and be loved.
Sometimes it takes an unknown author to cause the world to see a God that is seemingly becoming unknown in a professedly information abundant age.

An Incredible and Introspective Read (CBM Book Reviews) 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Written to answer a question the author received in a Bible study group, The Transcendent Signet of God: A Proposal Made in Time to Last an Eternity by Lawrence Pillay takes a closer look at God Himself and Agape love as set forth before time itself. The question asked was, “Why did God place the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden to tempt Adam and Eve and then give them such a harsh punishment, and why did all of mankind since then also have to pay in a manner that we ourselves, as mere men, would not impose for something seemingly quite innocent when we as people compare that act to the severity of sin today?” Reviewing the warnings given by Jesus to the church of Ephesus in the book of Revelation, the author administers to the Church to also come back to agape love as mentioned in Scripture.

While also considering the “whole counsel of God” the author takes readers on a logical trail of thought, discovery, revealing the incredible story of mankind, the author sheds light on many facets of God’s love for mankind, answering the many questions one might have. Simple in nature, yet profound, the author relates that humanity may not be interested in abounding theologies of religion and the like, but that all of mankind seeks one thing: Love. With that in mind, Pillay defines “Agape love” coupled with excellent Biblical teaching that assists readers in understanding God’s nature, intent, and love with an intertwining of Scripture that paints a beautiful picture of God’s love for all. This pure love-based interest in us as humans, as His creation, is what defines us, and what brings true identity and a deep understanding of the love of God that brings solid understanding of the freedom offered in the love of God.

Tackling such subjects as truth, the Free Will, the Law, Sin, Forgiveness, Agape in Man, the Work of the Holy Spirit, Pain and Suffering, The Kingdom of Agape, the author lays a Biblical foundation built on truth from the Word of God that is profound teaching with insights set forth to help readers comprehend the “why” of such things as the Garden of Eden and the forbidden fruit, free choice, freedom, with the resounding theme that “God is LOVE”. Further defining of the deep meaning of “Agape” love brings an important piece to the puzzle, as the author continues to set forth answers. Concluding with “Discipline on Earth means rewards in Heaven” brings encouragement, understanding and hope for life on Earth and life beyond into Eternity.

This is truly an incredible and introspective read and will give those who believe in God, and those who “believe not” in God, a true perspective of the God of love – not of religion or a set of laws, commandments and rituals. The author makes it known to readers that you are loved from the beginning of time, into Eternity and the Father desires you to come home.

This is a highly recommended read to bring fresh hope and perspective into dying hearts, lives, relationships, ministries and purposes that will reignite the fire of God’s love for YOU - while giving deep-insight into the love of God.


Apart from agapē love in Christ, which is an unconditional pardon offered only in this lifetime, at the Creator’s own expense through His freely offered death, God must uphold His justice as to the perfection which that same love demands. What is left can then only be described as hell, which a righteous judge must pronounce on those who have chosen to stand apart from what agapē offers. The Transcendent Signet of God - L Pillay - Start reading it for free: http://a.co/5F8rKnv

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This book came about through a series of thoughts often waking me in the early hours of the morning over a period of a year. Unbeknown to me then, these seemingly random thoughts were pieces of a puzzle which when put together became this book. Amazing God! http://a.co/5F8rKnv

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