TTSG: Quote 7

“We have God who is love creating man and placing in man His nature, the attribute of love. Man is a physical being created in a physical universe, interacting with that which God has also created in this finite incubator of time and space which scientists now call space-time. Man, however, would need to interpret through some means the spirit that God has breathed into him. But the physical cannot interpret the spirit, therefore God has also given man non-physical tools of interpretation unique to man, tools not given to any other created beings on earth. This is what we call the heart of man, from which man can begin to love. But in order to give life to what is in the heart, God has given man a mind, which is the seat of reason, with which man can begin to transform the physical nature of love into its spiritual nature. The Transcendent Signet of God – L Pillay – Start reading it for free:

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